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AstronomyWiki.png Welcome to Astronomy Wiki!
This wiki is focused on the universe and space, for example the most earth-like exoplanets, the most massive stars, spectrum types of stars, the smallest nebulas and more!
Currently has 249 total pages, 47 total files uploaded and 530 total edits of every page!

Recent News
Date & Time Title Announcement
19 Febuary 2022 15:21 UTC+7 Uhh... Are we active now? Not really...
23 December 2021 13:32 UTC+7 Edit #500 This edit is the 500th edit in the wiki!
21 December 2021 13:50 UTC+7 The 15th user! I just noticed that YellowFrogger came to this wiki as the 15th user account! See the list here.
9 December 2021 12:37 UTC+7 The 200th page! The 200th page is Pallas.
8 December 2021 13:35 UTC+7 160+ Pages! Actually it's been over 160 since like few days ago haha
17 October 2021 11:14 UTC+7 Reddit Discord isn't enough, we have a subreddit! That's the off-topic one. The on topic one is this one.
15 October 2021 16:55 UTC+7 GetInfo The GetInfo project has started! Contribute now!
11 October 2021 10:07 UTC+7 Discord We have a discord server now! But it's really under construction. Link is
8 October 2021 10:59 UTC+7 Wikiapiary I put this wiki on wikiapiary to track it :>
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